Speech Therapy
Children playing in dry beans
Speech therapy is used to develop the speech and language skills necessary for effective communication. The goal of speech therapy is to allow individuals to participate in quality life experiences, including communicating their wants and needs, seeking information and participating in conversations.  It also can be used to address feeding disorders and oral motor deficits.

Areas addressed in Speech Therapy:
  • Receptive language development
  • Expressive language development-including articulation and phonology, voice, fluency, dysarthria, apraxia, vocabulary, grammar and syntax, oral and written language skills, auditory processing deficits
  • Social interaction and pragmatic skills
  • Cognition, problem solving, reasoning orientation and memory
  • Pre-speech & feeding skills, swallowing and motor speech disorders
  • Augmentative communication- including various options (ex: Picture Exchange Communication System) through electronic augmentative communication devices (ex: Dynavox or Springboard)
  • Sign language
  • Oral motor – feeding/swallowing, tongue movement and control, breath support
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